Upcoming Webinar: Create Your Retirement Paycheck

Wednesday, October 16 at 8:00 pm ET

Don and Kim’s problem wasn’t saving enough money for a comfortable retirement. The issue was that they weren’t comfortable spending their money. Don and Kim were so nervous about running out of money, they decided the best option was to spend none of it. They were about to buy an RV, then the market dropped and felt like they had to hold off. About to book the European river cruise, but felt like the money could be better used on a small home repair. The only people benefiting from Don and Kim’s retirement plan was the kids’ inheritance.

Having Enough Money Wasn’t The Issue

This webinar is designed to help families like Don and Kim, create a retirement paycheck. We will discuss:

  • How much can you safely withdraw from your retirement accounts?
  • The problems with the 4% rule-of-thumb
  • Where should you start taking retirement withdrawals?
  • Tax strategies on retirement withdrawals
  • Create your retirement withdrawal strategy

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