$5,000 per year per family.

Our philosophy is very simple. We charge a yearly flat fee, in which we charge based on the services we provide our clients, not how much money you have to invest. This fee is deducted directly from your accounts that we help manage. The typical financial advisor uses a commission based or Asset Under Management (AUM) fee structure. The AUM fee structure charges more money to clients that have more to invest. To us, this just doesn’t make sense, and here is why:


Recently a friend asked me to look at his mom’s investments managed by another financial advisor. He wanted to get a second opinion and make sure his mom wasn’t being ripped off. He asked me a very simple question, “How much is my mom being charged?”  I went through all of her investments; annuities, front load mutual funds, commission based REITs and on top of all of that, an additional quarterly charge. I even went to the financial advisor’s website to find the fees there. My answer to his very simple question, “A lot.” Still, after looking through everything, there was no way to know exactly how much.  In a world in which we can get the price to everything imaginable on Amazon, financial advisors live in a world of secrecy. A simple, straight forward fee structure eliminates any ambiguity.


The AUM fee-structure charges more, the more that you have to invest with the financial advisor. For example, someone with $500,000 to invest might be charged $5,000 per year. However, someone with $2 million to invest, will probably pay over $15,000! Here’s a little secret that most AUM advisors won’t tell you; both people in this example, get the same service. So, why does one pay three times more? Honestly, that’s a great question. No other industry basis your fee on how much money you have. Imagine this fee structure being used in other industries. You walk into a store, and in order for them to tell you the price, you have to tell them how much money you have. It doesn’t cost me more to help you invest $2 million vs. only $500,000, so why would I charge you more? In both cases, you will get the same great service, financial planning, and investment strategy. Therefore, it is only fair for me to charge the same fee, no matter how much you are willing to invest with me.

Conflict Free

There is something that the fee-based financial advisor isn’t telling you; the AUM model is ripe with conflicts of interest. I constantly hear how financial advisors advocate for a lump sum option over the monthly pension. Why? The financial advisor makes more money if you choose the lump sum. Why does an annuity salesperson always think annuities are the best option when the AUM advisor never suggests an annuity? The annuity salesperson gets a commission when you buy an annuity, where the AUM advisor loses money when you choose an annuity. The flat-fee model eliminates all of these conflicts.

I don’t earn a penny if you purchase an annuity, but will help you choose the best one if we decide that is the best option for you. My fees don’t change if you choose the monthly pension or lump sum, so I work with you to decide what option is best for your financial situation. The flat retainer fee model ensures I’m always on your side, delivering conflict-free advice.